With cutting-edge systems that guarantee efficiency and durability

We guarantee the quality of the services provided and the optimisation of set-up times by adopting procedures with high technical standards, such as:

  • automating the withdrawal of products with a higher rotation
  • the use of semi-automatic withdrawal through 16 set up bays
  • the use of radio frequencies for picking operations
  • the use of a system for monitoring and controlling the means of transport
  • the use of a system for monitoring and controlling the temperature within the means of transport, from the collection within the cooperative to the delivery to pharmacy, in order to ensure “cold chain” compliance
  • a member of staff dedicated to the inventory on rotation. This inventory management technique enables us to ensure the correspondence of the physical stock to the stock listed on the accounts on a daily basis, thereby avoiding disruptions to the pharmacy or interruptions to usual business activities.

Promptly serving member pharmacies and clients

We serve more than 700 member pharmacies and clients, two to three times a day, including on Sundays and holidays, through two distribution centres (Pescara and Campobasso)

With equal promptness, we ensure a service for withdrawing products from the market that are no longer permitted by the Health Authorities and products that close to expiration or damaged and no longer saleable. In addition to monitoring expiration through sophisticated computer systems, we have a full-time business unit dedicated to a visually checking the dates of products close to expiry.

With a broad and adaptive assortment of products
Over 65,000 references handled and an assortment treated, among the largest in Italy, homeopathic and herbal products for a total of more than 20,000 items.
In addition to this, we guarantee a wide range of medicinal and veterinary products, as well as raw materials delivered within 48 hours. Products not readily available are generally delivered within 24 hours of receiving the request from the pharmacy

With attention to detail
We supply our pharmacists many consumables needed for their business, including: lab coats, counter paper and shopping bags.